What do we sell?

We sell different products from different categories but mostly focus on selling products that are useful in solving some kind of problem. We try to follow the trend and provide customers with products that are problem-solving as well as trendy.

What is the Shipping Time?

Shipping time depends on the location from where the products are being shipped. Most of the time, it takes 20-25 days to ship products since products are shipped mostly from abroad.

How can I change the currency?

1- For the desktop version, the drop-down menu to change the currency is available in the header section. 2- For mobile users, click on the sign(three horizontal parallel lines) available on the right side of the header logo. A side menu will open up, from there you can change the currency to your base currency. Note: Changing the currency will only work on the website to check the pricing of the products, but while billing the store's base currency i.e., Dollar will be used to make the purchase.

What payment methods are available?

Paypal and Razorpay are the two methods available for making payments. Paypal is mainly for the customers with a paypal account or you can sign up to paypal before making the payment for a safer transaction. Razorpay provides the customer flexibility to make a purchase by making the payment with debit card, credit card, net banking and many more options.

What about the refund policy?

A refund is only possible when the product delivered is not the same as the product ordered. To know more about the refund policy check the refund policy page of our website or you can directly click on the link below to redirect to refund policy page

Account Sign up is compulsory for making a purchase?

No, creating an account is not compulsory for making a purchase but it is necessary to have an account so that the customer can come back anytime and can check with the previously made purchase or to make another purchase with the same name and address.

How can I trust the quality of the Products?

Our main motto is "Discover the Difference" which means we provide our customers with the best of quality available in the market. Since customer satisfaction is the most important goal of any e-commerce store, we will never compromise with the quality and standard of the products. If you find any problem with the product, please contact us and our support team will handle the problem ASAP.

Is it possible to modify orders?

Modification is possible until and unless you make a purchase. Once the purchase is made the product cannot be changed nor the quantity can be changed. It is better to properly check the product before making any kind of purchase.